Kearsarge Energy became the Northeast’s leading and most respected renewable energy project development and holding company by mastering more than simply the mechanics and operations of renewable development.  Formed in 2009 by a group of energy professionals who recognized that integrity is the lynch pin in productive partnerships, Kearsarge is driven by the belief that long term economic and environmental value can be created for local communities through fair and transparent development of commercial and utility scale renewable energy projects.



Kearsarge was founded on the premise that working with creative, intelligent and ethical people is a prerequisite for developing a successful organization. As a team we bring passion, integrity, and commitment to every partner and every project. We also seek to maximize value for all stakeholders, including the communities and municipalities who are key solar partners.



Drawing on a track record of more than three decades as innovators in the energy industry and as successful corporate managers providing multiple exits for investors, the Kearsarge team has substantial experience in renewable energy operations, permitting, regulatory, legal, tax, economic forecasting, engineering, valuations, and financing.  We are a full service development company that both originates transactions and partners with outside firms to complete projects in later stages of development.  We believe the renewable industry in the U.S. is driven by local opportunities and hence focus on tightly specific regions.

Kearsarge has cultivated a series of key relationships in the industry – with municipalities and other governmental entities and regulatory agencies, project owners, bankers, tax assessors, intermediaries, developers, non-profits, consultants, and engineers – that allow our team to capitalize on key insights, move quickly, and act decisively as select business opportunities become available.

As a result, Kearsarge is uniquely positioned to take advantage of our country's growing demand and economic imperative for renewable energy.  We have the necessary resources to develop marketable projects and to deliver meaningful returns.