Kearsarge Duxbury

Kearsarge Duxbury (Duxbury, MA)

Kearsarge developed, constructed and financed this combined 693 kW DC rooftop solar array on the Duxbury Middle-High School and the Duxbury Chandler Elementary School. Kearsarge was awarded the rights to develop the project through a public procurement process run by the Town of Duxbury. These two projects highlight the Town of Duxbury’s continued leadership in renewable energy and are being leveraged as educational tools and a real-time learning environment for the Elementary, Middle and High School students. Kearsarge worked closely with the Town and School Department to coordinate construction schedules to minimize any impact on school activities and with the local utility to coordinate the interconnection of each system. All energy produced by the systems is being purchased by the School Department to offset its energy consumption and generate significant energy cost savings. The projects were completed in January, 2017.

  • Size: 693 kW DC
  • Production: Approx. 777,553 kWh / year
  • Metric Tons of Annual Carbon Dioxide Offset: Approx. 546
  • Number of Average Homes Powered Annually: 58