Kearsarge Great Barrington

Kearsarge Great Barrington

(Great Barrington, MA)

The 1.92 MW AC ground mount array is constructed on a parcel of comparatively unproductive farm land. Now on track to push more than 3 million kilowatt hours of electricity into the local utility grid, the site will provide the Athol-Royalston School System, the Hampshire County Sherrif’s Office, and the Town of Westminster with reduced-cost electricity – through net-metering credits. The Town of Great Barrington will also receive substantial tax revenues from the site.

Kearsarge developed, financed and constructed this project — a significant factor in keeping another Massachusetts family farm intact. In the Spring/Summer of 2019 the Great Barrington site will host Kearsarge’s organic mowing pilot, featuring 25 woolly dinner guests!

  • Size: 2.72 MW DC

  • Production: Approx. 3,100,000 kWh / year

  • Metric Tons of Annual Carbon Dioxide Offset: Approx. 2,543

  • Number of Average Homes Powered Annually: 249