Kearsarge Montague

Kearsarge Montague (Montague, MA)

Located in Montague, MA, the project was developed by Kearsarge in partnership with the Town of Montague, the Town of West Springfield, MA, and United Bank.  As part of the project, both towns will receive energy credits offsetting their electricity costs over the next 20 years.  The Town of Montague is the landlord of the newly energized solar site; the site is expected to garner tax revenues on otherwise unproductive land over the life of the project.

Incorporating almost 15,000 individual solar panels, the site is situated on roughly 40 acres of underutilized Town land, an exceptional example of State, Municipal, and private sector collaboration.

Watch the video above as we progress from empty field to clean energy production over a snowy New England Winter and a very chilly Spring!

  • Size: 5.9 MW DC

  • Production: Approx. 7,330,000 kWh / year

  • Tons of Annual Carbon Dioxide Offset 118,187

  • Number of Average Homes Powered Annually: 16,000