Kearsarge Norwell

Kearsarge Norwell (Norwell, MA)

Kearsarge developed, financed and constructed this 576 kW DC solar car canopy installation at an office park in Norwell, MA. Kearsarge worked closely with the building owner and property managers to schedule site preparation and construction activities so as to minimize any impact on tenants during construction and once operational. The car canopy provides protection from the elements for the tenants, redesigned landscaping and improved lighting while showcasing the property owner’s commitment to corporate sustainability and adding a modern and elegant design element to the office park. The Town of Norwell will receive significant tax revenues over the life of the project, in addition to receiving net metering credits and the corresponding energy cost savings. The project was completed in January, 2017.  

  • Size: 576 kW DC
  • Production: Approx. 600,000 kWh / year
  • Metric Tons of Annual Carbon Dioxide Offset: Approx. 422
  • Number of Average Homes Powered Annually: 45