Kearsarge SKSC

South Kingstown Solar Consortium (South Kingstown, RI)

Comprised of brownfield and Superfund sites in South Kingstown, RI, the 9.3 MW DC ground mount solar arrays were developed, financed, and constructed by Kearsarge, with the help of the University of Rhode Island, the US EPA, The Town of South Kingstown and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. The Towns of South Kingstown and Narragansett, as well as the University of Rhode island will receive energy credits over the life of the project, which was completed in October, 2018.

Solar energy features prominently in the University’s sustainability initiative, with the SKSC site a cornerstone.

  • Size: 9.3 MW DC

  • Production: Approx. 11,500,000 kWh / year

  • Tons of Annual Carbon Dioxide Offset: Approx. 9,343

  • Number of Average Homes Powered Annually: 924