What We Do


Kearsarge Solar (“KS”) is focused on meeting the growing demand for reliable and cost-effective commercial-scale renewable energy.  KS offers a full-service turnkey solar solution, from feasibility analysis through financing, construction, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring.  KS has developed and financed a portfolio of more than 60 MW of solar PV projects, ranging in size from 140 kW to 6 MW, and is currently developing more than 100 MW of projects throughout the Northeast and 50 MW in the Southeast, as well as select foreign markets.

Solar energy projects offer host partners substantial economic benefits, tremendous educational potential, and outstanding green and community leadership value.  As a result of a certain Federal and state incentives, KS is able to offer qualified project partners significant energy cost savings and/or site lease payments without any upfront capital outlay required.  KS is actively pursuing partnerships with a variety of prospective host sites that have underutilized rooftops and/or open space.  Prospective project hosts include both public and private entities.

By offering an extensive solar project development solution from inception to operation, including the highest degree of transparency and flexibility, exceptional local regulatory expertise, proven technology applications, and demonstrated ability to get projects built and operating on schedule, Kearsarge has distinguished itself from the competition.




Kearsarge Public-Private Partnerships ("KPPP") works closely with governmental entities, non-profits, private companies, and private landowners in order to facilitate timely financing, permitting, community acceptance and resolution of all regulatory issues in developing various kinds of renewable energy projects, including hydroelectric facilities, wind farms, biogas and biomass projects.  KPPP originates transactions and is also poised to acquire operating assets as well as ongoing project developments that are stalled by regulatory or financing issues.

In addition, KPPP partners with municipalities and other tax exempt entities in order to leverage existing publicly-owned renewable assets, such as hydroelectric facilities.  In such cases, KPPP can offer tax exempt entities with existing renewable assets the ability to liquidate the risks associated with operating those assets, and to gain immediate access to the capital tied up in their ownership through customized project lease arrangements.

Alternative partnership options include new development on public property as well as energy procurement services and contracts from projects sited on private property, including discounted long-term power purchase agreements.




Kearsarge AD (“KAD”) is developing utility-scale 1 to 5 MW anaerobic digesters at multiple sites across New England.  Anaerobic Digesters provide the opportunity for local communities and commercial and institutional partners to divert organic post-consumer food waste, fats, oils, and grease, and kitchen scraps, to environmentally friendly waste-to-energy power plants.  KAD provides both significant reductions in the release of methane (a major greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere and base load renewable electricity and thermal energy.  Several KAD projects are in the early stages of development and permitting.


Kearsarge Hydro & Wind (“KHW”) acquires existing small and mid-sized (up to 25MW) hydroelectric projects throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic region. KH’s leadership team includes both a seasoned operations chief who owned and managed three facilities in Vermont and a lead project engineer who has built numerous hydro facilities across the country, each with decades of industry experience.

KHW works with select development partners on the permitting, development, and financing of 8-50 MW wind farms across New England and is currently working on several projects in New Hampshire and Maine.